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What is Dice all about?

If you have gearhead tendencies and want to see motorcycles being put together in the basements, garages, and woodsheds around the world ... the bikes fondled by the wild-eyed and sleepless ... then here you are. 

NEW! Silver Foil Stickers

The gold foil stickers just wasn't enough, we had to do silver as well!

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The Newsstand Issue features a TROG rider, shot by NC photographer, Rob Adamo. The collectors edition cover was beautifully done by Macclesfield based artist, John Squire.


"Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it." - Evel Knievel



DicE was started by Matt Davis and Dean Micetich back in London when it was still seedy, Harley's weren't cool, and Knucklehead's cost less than a kidney on the black market. Since its creation DicE has been involved in supporting builders world wide and bringing their creation to the eyes of the masses. Yearly DicE puts on over 10 shows in the US alone, recently adding the Congregation in North Carolina, and Assembly London the first motorcycle show of its kind in the UK.

DicE is constantly evolving and growing with one idea in mind: life is too short to be serious.