DicE Issue 38

DicE Issue 38


…Right, I’m a bit pissed off and let me tell you why that is. What the hell is that show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ all about? Ok, it’s quite obvious what it’s all about, I just wanted to see if you knew…..That's right, Kim and her 2 sisters, one of which looks like a giant horse face and the other one that looks like the girl who work’s at the 7-11 in Glendale. Um, no one cares about their talent-less souls…but hold on a minute, people actually do watch that shit…I mean millions do! Seriously, who cares?! Don’t even get me started on their hog of a mother and that twat of a stepdad who needs to grow a pair. Fair enough Kim is not bad looking, but what else does she have to offer the world? Since when does having a fat arse make you a top celebrity? I hope they all get acne or something. 
Anyways, DicE issue 38 is out and it’s not too shabby!

The Kung Fu inspired cover was man handled by Tobias Geye and it will chop your damn face in half.

This issue also includes issue 3 of the fantastic Motorcycho magazine insert, 2 mags for the price of one then, so.... 
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