Mr Pirsig was right, to paraphrase the Zen master: Traveling in a car your always in a box, everything you see looking through that window is just mobile TV, your a passive observer, the world moves by at arms length, framed and separated from you, monotonous and boring. On a bike the frame is gone, your in contact with it all, your in the scene, no longer merely observing in isolation, the sense of presence and immediacy is all pervading. The wind blows through your hair, it roars like the ocean in your ears, you smell and taste the moment, the now. The sun warms your skin and fire's the soul, It's the closest to being fully alive before you hit the edge. Alone with your thought's you are FREE, you mightn't be certain of your destination, no matter, sometimes it's better to travel than simply arrive, the journey is sacred. The visceral experience of motion, connection to surrounds and the stoke of uncharted adventure are key. Finding the spaces where Freedom truly begins! Buy the Freedom Machines Hardcover book here>>> Film by Tim Caraco Narration by Dog Williams