I know some people on here understand skateboarding and its ties to motorcycling and some don't. It's all good in my book, each to their own. Skating was my whole life for awhile back in the 70's. Still skate today but I'm rubbish, the body just can't take slamming onto concrete anymore. So, just found a bunch of old slide photos, stuffed into the back of a draw at my mums, taken at Meanwhile Gardens skate park, West London in the mid 1970's. The park was crap and built next to a huge, rough, council estate (projects) but there was no charge to skate there and best of all, no rules and regulations. I loved it, and spent every minute I could hanging out and skating the place with a lot of mates off the estate, weather permitting of course. Meanwhile Madness Dominates was our battle cry. All very Dog Town, we idolized those guys through the tattered pages of Skateboarder magazine. Wish I still had that yellow Skateboarder magazine head band. Those classic red and blue Vans where all you could get in London at that time. Alpine Sports would secure a shipment every 2 to 3 months only. We would wait with bated breath and when our inside contact informed us they were arriving we hightailed over and got a fresh pair, by then our old ones were held together with gray duct tape. They would sell out in 24 hours. Here are some of these old pics with other people skating there too, my brother, Ben Davis (with the dark and light wood board, G&S I think) and old friends like Marc Sinclair (photo bombing in one of the shots) and John Downey (Z-Flex) among them. All really good skaters back then.  Good times. Matt. #dicemagazine @skateboarder_magazine @vertskateboarding @trackertrucks