Hanky Panky - A Film By David Doom.

HankyPanky from BaRoN on Vimeo.

Fantastic short film by David Doom. Watch for the full feature of this bike in Issue 59, shot by the incredibly handsome, Bram De Roeck.

Yup. It's Almost Chrstmas. Yikes!

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'55 Chevy 210 Post. Back Then, The Middle Bit and Now.

 Gene and his car back in the day.

 When I owned it in London in 2005.

As it is now in Norway.

I owned this bloody fantastic car in London about 10 years ago now. I bought it in Texas, shipped it to LA, got it registered and drove it around California for a couple of weeks then shipped it back to the UK. I had it for about a year but found it quite a handful on the London streets and in the crap English weather, so I sold it to Runar in Norway. It is still to this day the only car I have ever regretted selling. Runar sends me updates once a year and it always breaks my heart. He has poured a lot of love into it which is a really good thing and I am very happy it went to a good home.....sort of. Runar found some great pics of the car taken back in the day with Gene, it's Texan owner.

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DicE Party - Yokohama, Japan.


For Sale: 1941 Knucklehead Survivor.

I am selling this 1941 Knucklehead survivor chopper on behalf of a friend.
It was built in in the late 1960's in San Diego, California.

It has a freshly rebuilt motor and trans and new tires, the rest of it is untouched since 1974. Everything is polished and chromed on the engine! The engine cases are chrome, transmission case/kicker cover is chrome, lifter blocks are chrome, Linkert M74B is chrome carb and rocker boxes...all chromed in back in the day. It also has a raked 1941 Knucklehead frame with molding and OEM extended springer.

It's a very cool bike and it runs and rides very nice.

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